September 20, 2017

Technical University of Denmark

Been to the Technical University of Denmark due to a work's trip with my colleagues to Copenhagen. Really enjoyed our tour around the university. Fell in love with the Sky lab. It actually inspired me to blog again.

August 04, 2014

4 weeks abroad - Cornwall forever

The last weekend in the UK we went down to Cornwall to see our friends from university. We had the greatest time and we are so grateful for everyones hospitality and making us feel so welcome.
BBQ with uncle Sam and aunt Collette.

The great view from Sam´s summerhouse. So lovely and peaceful.

Lovely Jimmy and Seth
I think Seth found his true friend in Jimmy because he wanted to be with him all the time.

Tea break at a beach in Falmouth
We went to see lovely Ralph, his missus and brother in Falmouth. They cooked us a lovely meal and we had a great night staying up late catching up with everyone.

Gorgeous beach in Falmouth.

Back at base with Sam's family watching the football finals. Such a nice night spent with lovely people.
The elegant bedroom we stayed in. It just sums up the summery atmosphere in Cornwall.

The view from the bedroom window.

July 30, 2014

4 weeks abroad - beach joy

Llangennith beach! we meet again!!!! During our stay we had to drive back to our destiny city Swansea where Mike and I first met. Mike couldn't wait to get back into the sea to kill some surf abstinence, and while he caught some waves Seth and I made sand castles and ran away from the breaking waves at the water's edge. 

A little surf lesson with dad.

Action men

Surf nerd 1 and 2 :-p

After a whole day splashing in the water and building sandcastles we headed back to Cardiff. 

Best moment ever! Seth so satisfied after such an eventful day, catchy music playing on the radio, Mike next to me confidently manoeuvring the car around narrow roads around the happy place :-)

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