April 15, 2014

Easter Fun with Little Cub Part 2

 Sunday came with the perfect Easter weather,so we packed the car with our ski gear and left Tromsø early in the morning. Little Cub has never been down hill skiing before so we drove to Målselv Fjellandsby to let him experience the thrill of this adrenalin sport and the atmosphere at a ski resort. Mike and I were so looking forward to it because we had not been down hill skiing since we went to France about 3 or 4 years ago. Way too long. 

Lunch at the ski resort.

13th April 2014 and Seth is 1 year and 2 months exactly. The ski instructors had never seen a younger child skiing at the ski resort before, and there were a few people taking his photo. Gosh I can  brag but hey...I am so very proud of him every day and all the time.
My Star!
Little Cub about to have breakfast at Bardufoss Tun.

My random breakfast plate.

Little Cub chilling after skiing.

Little Cub having a nap at the after ski.

View from the top of the lift.

Me excited to go down.

Mike and Little Cub enjoying the after ski.

Little Cub Exploring the reception area at Bardufoss Tun.

Easter Fun with Little Cub part 1

Back to our sweet holidays and the opportunity to plan our week as spontaneously as we'd like. Saturday we took Little Cub to the slopes above our flat where he cross country skied for the first time. I thought he would be frustrated having skis attached to his feet, but he enjoyed it a lot. He only moaned when we took the skis off and got ready to go home.  Funny little lad.

The lovely flowers I received from my nan after shopping.

Little Cub is getting ready for his first cross country session.

Proud mum with Little Cub

March 23, 2014

Our trip to the Ski Hut

We all thought that winter was going to loose its icy grasp on Tromsø but there has been a perfect drizzle of snow which has freshened up the ski tracks above our flat. Lucky for us, little Cub loves the outdoors, so we skiied with him in the ski pulk from our flat to the ski hut both yesterday and today. 

Today the café was open so we had coffee and waffles outside. I enjoyed our trip a little bit more than yesterday, this was due Mike's loving gesture of buying me a new set of carbon skies as an early birthday gift :-). I think he thinks that buying me nice light gear will get me outside more.

 As you can see from the pic below our son does not need to be persuaded to go skiing. He is grabbing his woollen  clothes and is super eager to be pulled by his dad and shout at him to go faster whilst he is tucked up in his sheep skin sleeping bag. 

My mum came to meet us at the ski hut to spend some time with her grandson in the snow. 

Little Cub getting his layers ready.

February 13, 2014

Little Cub's 1st Birthday

One year has passed since you were born and I still remember that day like it was just minutes away. It has been the happiest year of my life and I feel privileged to wake up next to you and follow you day by day.
We celebrated little Cub's birthday at Dad's work last weekend. Baby really enjoyed his party. Thanks everyone for celebrating with us and for making his day so special. I couldn't ask for more having Mike, Mum, my closests girlfriends with their lovely husband, partners and children gathered around my little son. You guys are stars!

`Where did you come from, baby dear? out of the everywhere into here´ (george macdonald 1824 - 1905). 

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